radical self-acceptance

Maybe it’s time to return to life, empowered by being who you really are.

The practice of radical self-acceptance is potent medicine for healing. True self-acceptance ignites an honest relationship with yourself, a self made of earth, animals, plants, minerals, minds, universes, bodies and spirits.

Have you ever walked inside of yourself, taken a good look around, and said yes to what you find? Beyond what you have been taught to believe, it is possible to accept all dimensions of yourself and your experience, the light and dark, the beautiful and the profane, the relative and the absolute, without shame or insecurities.

Being who you are is not for the faint of heart. It means going deep: do you have a healthy relationship with yourself?

Go inside of your mind, as often as you can remember to do so, and offer a full unconditional YES to exactly what you find. Several times a day, enjoy the direct experience of being as you are. The more you do this, the more you exercise your capacity to radically accept yourself. You are building the inner muscle of being.

Friends in Presence is not a spiritual belief system; it is not selling a lifestyle or a perfect way to be in the world. This message is not offered to manipulate your mind by creating new and beliefs or overlaying illusory images. The practice of radical self-acceptance is a healing rite of passage, an undoing, an unbecoming, meant to do the conscious work of nurturing a conscious relationship with who you are.

Published by

Friends in Presence

Jen Peer-Rich is a friend in presence. She is a doctoral student, alchemist, artist, speaker and writer focusing on themes of conscious living, ecological sanity, and cultural evolution. Her message attracts brave humans who dare to investigate themselves in an honest psychological inquiry that challenges the lie of separation from nature. -- Friends in Presence is a global force of co-collaboration and celebration that affirms our innate psychological and ecological sanity. We share information and support about waking up to the lie of separation from nature.

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