quantum seeing

Enjoy the gift of hosting a myriad of observations, thoughts, measurements, patterns and uncertainties, this is Quantum Seeing. The key for this practice is never arriving at comfortable answers. It’s OK to not know.

What is magnificent about your mind is not that you can come up with a good thought, or even many good thoughts, what is amazing is that you can hold many opposing thoughts once quite, and you do this naturally. Dualistic, linear processing is one way, but not the only way to experience your mind. Quantum seeing is a dynamic, non-linear approach to experiencing mental projections.

Dipping into the fluidity of your thoughts, as many times a day as you can remember to do so, practice seeing yourself, issues, beliefs, people, and situations from as many opposing perspectives as possible. Use any situation where you are presented with thoughts contrary to yours to see from the eyes of that contrary belief. Quantum seeing is a practice that exercises the inner muscle of natural intelligence.

Published by

Friends in Presence

Jen Peer-Rich is a friend in presence. She is a doctoral student, alchemist, artist, speaker and writer focusing on themes of conscious living, ecological sanity, and cultural evolution. Her message attracts brave humans who dare to investigate themselves in an honest psychological inquiry that challenges the lie of separation from nature. -- Friends in Presence is a global force of co-collaboration and celebration that affirms our innate psychological and ecological sanity. We share information and support about waking up to the lie of separation from nature.

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