free e-book download: so be it

Click the link below to download a free copy of the book So Be It.

So Be It

Published by

Friends in Presence

Jen Peer-Rich is a friend in presence. She is a doctoral student, alchemist, artist, speaker and writer focusing on themes of conscious living, ecological sanity, and cultural evolution. Her message attracts brave humans who dare to investigate themselves in an honest psychological inquiry that challenges the lie of separation from nature. -- Friends in Presence is a global force of co-collaboration and celebration that affirms our innate psychological and ecological sanity. We share information and support about waking up to the lie of separation from nature.

One thought on “free e-book download: so be it”

  1. Thank you for this website and free book download. I’ve been “studying” advaita and listening to teachers ( Mooji, Ramana Maharshi, Gangaji, Dolano, etc.) for the past couple of years and know this wisdom is true freedom. However, I’ve suffered with major depression most of my life and despite this nonduality wisdom I’ve gained, am still in the trench of depression. I’ve been off of antidepressants for 3 yrs. but am considering them again (reluctantly). Any advice you can pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the book!


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